Yamaha Royal Star

Yamaha Royal Star
Yamaha introduced the Royal Star motorcycle in 1996. This motorcycle features the same basic power package as the Venture Royale by Yamaha. The Royal Star Venture, Royal Star Tour Deluxe and the V-Max all use a variation of this engine also.

The Yamaha Royal Star was the first Star Motorcycle produced by Yamaha. It is a cruiser-type of design that got it’s inspiration from Indian Motorcycles.

Tour Classic and Standard versions were made in the beginning. The Tour Classic featured two mufflers, a windshield and was equipped with hard saddlebags. The Standard had four mufflers and did not come with the windshield or saddlebags.

The Standard cycle is lighter than the Tour bike and sits lower. The Tour has a seat that is 28.5 inches and a 66.7 inch wheelbase and weighs 765 pounds.

The Royal Star boasts a 1300cc liquid cooled, V 4 engine with four valves per cylinder. It comes with a five speed overdrive transmission and the drive shaft and final drive are built into the double sided swing arm on the left side. The clutch operates hydraulically by the left hand lever. The braking systems consists of disk brakes on the front (2) and on right rear disk brake.

Yamaha Royal Star For Sale

The Royal Star is a monster of a motorcycle. The overall looks of this big bike is bold. It’s a big cruiser that holds its own on the road and has that ‘Harley’ look. This motorcyle has a sound all its own, a deep rumble that says one word-power. With its low center of gravity, large forks and mono-shock rear, it rides just as good as it looks.

No matter where it’s riden, it attracts admirers. It has plenty of chrome with wide, low fenders that give it a customized look. It handles great and brakes hard and fast and is a true pleasure to ride.

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