Kawasaki Ninja 500R

Ninja 500R
Aggressive. That’s the first thought that springs to mind at first glance. The Kawasaki Ninja 500R is aggressive and it is fast. The 500R maintains a nice balance between functionality, great form and budget, to offer a well put together great and sensible sportbike. The Kawasaki 500R can tear it up, and still be friendly enough for a beginner to feel comfortable riding.

The engine on the 500R is a compact parallel twin, liquid cooled twin cylinder 498cc engine with good mass centralization for outstanding handling. By using its auxiliary cooling fan the engine maintains its optimum temperature for the best gas mileage, reliability and performance.

The six speed transmission provides great acceleration and cool highway sailing, and features the Positive Neutral Finder that assists you in finding neutral easily by just lifting the shift pedal from first gear.

The Ninja image is clearly maintained with the half fairing. The low profile is accentuated by the wide and modern 17 inch rims on the high performance tires.

The front and rear disc brakes are powerful and make the bike very easy to control during stops.

Kawasaki Ninja 500R For Sale

The Ninja 500R is a good, solid all around bike. Ride it to work during the week, then hit the open road on the weekends and let it tear. The Kawasaki Ninja 500R’s great sporty looks and comfortable ride attracts many types of riders, but the great affordable price of this Kawasaki make it a popular choice across the boards. It’s easy to handle due to it’s light weight and this motorcycle is just simply one very exciting bike to ride, no matter where you take it.

The 500R weighs in dry at 388 pounds and has a wheelbase of 56.5 inches and a low seat height of 30.5 inches. The color choices for the 2009 model are Metallic Diablo Black and Passion Red.

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