Honda ST1300

The Honda ST1300 is a combination between a supersport and a long distance tourer. The ST 1300 combines comfort, sleek styling, wind resistance, big saddlebags and an electronically adjustable windshield with a very powerful V-4 engine and lightweight chassis to give you the performance of a champion.

The longitudinal mounted, compact and powerful 1261 cc, DOHC 90 degree V-4 engine improves power flow and drive-train efficiency.

The low center of gravity of the ST 1300 contributes to great low speed power and easy handling.

The triangular and attractive stainless steel exhaust system with two mufflers is sleek and integrated well. The rear suspension incorporates a single shock that offers 1.2 inches of preload adjustability.

The Honda ST 1300 has sporty silver wheels with three spokes that are of cast aluminum. The 5 inch wide rear radial tire provides great road-hugging capabilities.

The seat is adjustable in three different positions for a custom fit and the motor driven adjustable windscreen offers you 7.3 inches of adjustability for great wind protection and comfort.

The integrated saddlebags are lockable and detachable and can hold 35 liters each. The tough plastic covered body protector extends outward to protect the motorcycle in case it tips over. The rearview mirrors are breakaway to minimize damage.

Honda ST1300 For Sale

The fuel tank on the ST 1300 is of two sections. The conventional tank holds 5.5 gallons and the reserve tank that in low in the chassis, holds 2.2 gallons.

The Honda St 1300 weighs in at a hefty 719 pounds with a 58.7 wheelbase. The seat height is 31.1 inches and you can reach speeds of around 150 miles per hour on this 125 horsepower motorcycle.

The Honda ST 1300 is a stylish and aerodynamically designed cycle that provides you with supreme performance, responsive behavior and a limo style comfort.

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