Honda CBR600RR

The Honda CBR600RR is ready to race and tells the world that with it’s sleek and aggressive looks.

The CBR600RR is powered by a 599cc, liquid cooled, inline four cylinder, DOHC engine that can reach a top speed at a mind blowing 155 miles per hour. This super bike weighs in at just 410 pounds.

The nose mounted, ram-air system provides the rider with a high amount of cool air to the airbox that makes way for outstanding engine performance.

The Honda CBR1000RR features IIC or Ignition Interrupt Control. This is a system designed to minimize drivetrain lash when the throttle is first employed. It works by reducing initial power output just long enough to take up the free play between shift togs.

The frame is hollow and die-cast making it lightweight and the steering stem is also of light aluminum.

The front suspension consists of 41mm inverted HMAS cartridge fork with spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability. The rear boasts a Pro-Link HMAS single shock with spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability.

The front tire is a 120/70ZR-17 inch radial and the rear is a 180/55ZR 17 inch radial, and both tires grab the pavement well.

Honda CBR600RR For Sale

The handling of the new 1000RR is nothing short of spectacular. The bike turns with such ease and it makes side-to-side directional changes with a absolute ease. The bike always maintains it’s extreme stability.

The power is outstanding and spectacular on the Honda CBR600RR. It delivers a midrange slap of acceleration that gives this bike the adrenaline pumping thrill that is missing on some literbikes.

The technology, mind-blowing speed and performance of the CBR1000RR tells the world that Honda has made a true champion here. A motorcycle like this that’s easy to ride on a racetrack is certainly an exceptional street bike.

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