Big Dog Ridgeback

Big Dog Ridgeback
Big Dog Motorcycles is based in the United States and they make approximately 5,000 motorcycles each year. They recently hit the 25,000 mark and their cycles just keep getting better and more exciting.

The Big Dog Ridgeback motorcycle has an enormous rear tire that is 330mm wide, a tire of that size is not normally seen on a production bike.

The Ridgeback from Big Dog Motorcycles is a cruiser/chopper style of bike and a real looker.

Big Dog Motorcycles is really good at pushing the limits of what people expect to see from a production motorcycle company.

Glancing at the Ridgeback with its 41 degrees of rake total and wide load tail end, the term ‘extreme chopper’ comes to mind.

The Ridgeback is loaded with quality components and modern styling. The custom designed billet wheels, the 4.4 gallon tapered fuel tank, and the six speed Balance Drive system all help to make one very impressive motorcycle.

The seat on the Big Dog Ridgeback is thick and padded really well. This bike is very well balanced and does not pull to one side as many wide-tired bikes do. Speaking of wide tires, the short rear fender give people a good eye full of rubber when you roll past.

Big Dog Ridgeback For Sale

The rear hidden shock on the Ridgeback enhances the comfort on this cruiser,and the geometry of the rigid frame is eye-pleasing and cool.

To slow down this chopper, the 4 piston PM calipers and 2 piece floating rotors do a good job.

You simply cannot find or build a custom chopper that gives off as much attitude as the Big Dog Ridgeback. It is super exciting to drive and it’s surprisingly good at taking corners. This chopper is a bike for people who want that great custom-made chopper look and demand the latest and best technology. The Big Dog Mastiff is one very impressive bike that really has to be seen to be appreciated. It’s awesome.

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